Natural, practical, classy – the new packaging line from SISSEL®

Why a new Packaging design?

The time is ripe. This packaging design has been around for well over 12 years. All good and modern packaging (and they were) will become unfashionable one day. What was excellent years ago now seems outdated and no longer contemporary. Demands and trends change. Just like the behaviour and view of people who perceive this packaging.

Packaging sends important sales signals, which are: quality, modernity, function and trend. The vast and overwhelming majority of all consumers are more likely to be persuaded to make a purchase by a functional and good packaging than by an unpackaged or poorly packaged product. If you compare old and new sales packaging, with the identical product as the content, consumers, but also experts, will almost always opt for the supposedly more modern product.

Shopping behaviour is changing significantly!

Shopping behaviour has changed significantly in recent years. Purchases are increasingly being made online. The Corona years have once again clearly accelerated this trend. And this trend is irreversible. In conclusion, this means that packaging must serve even more important shipping options in the future. It should be easy to handle and absolutely robust. Two factors that the new design masters perfectly.

Even more important: Sustainability

Sustainability and naturalness are still transfigured by some into a fashionable trend. To do so would be a careless and negligent mistake. For more than ten years, the topic has been occupying an ever broader space in general communication, in individual lifestyle design as well as in the expansion of product ranges. And for about three years now, it has really been picking up speed. A sustainable and resource-conserving life is not only elementary, but is also increasingly becoming an important decision-making and purchasing criterion. And especially our core target groups of health-conscious people are particularly affine and receptive to the right messages.

The natural way of Sweden

Many years ago "only" a good slogan, which aimed at the origin of the brand as well as the natural and "non-medicinal" effect of the products, is visibly gaining strength and impact with the new packaging. Because naturalness is not only almost always associated positively, but also nestles closely with the theme of sustainability. And so we make a big point in communication and present ourselves today as a "visionary" forward thinker.

But beware: this good slogan also has an increasing credibility problem. Because it is (still) printed on high-gloss show cardboard. The formulated claim and the material used no longer fit together.

Scandinavian Design

Design made in Scandinavia. That's how it looks ... and that's how it should look. The reduced, stylised and understated design and the use of graphic patterns are typical. In Central Europe, Scandinavian design continues to stand for quality, innovation and high-quality solutions. And so the packaging design also pays tribute to the Swedish brand history of Sissel. The geometric pattern, which can be seen all around the outside of the coloured packaging, looks like a high-quality frame that attracts attention.

The packaging is consistently trimmed for "internationality". One packaging for all. Necessary information is communicated on the eye-catching and subsequently applied high-quality label. The label is in the same colour as the four theme worlds.

WOW – Sustainbility can also be smart!

This packaging is special - because it is doubly sustainable. Sustainable in the sense of the materials used and the reduced print as well as the simultaneous use as a shipping box. This is not only clever, but also saves money ... and nerves. Because a big "inner" threshold in shipping, especially for therapists and smaller specialist retailers, is to stock the right outer packaging in different formats as well as filling material. This way, the new packaging saves real resources in individual shipping - in terms of time and money!

Individuality for the specialised trade

The new sustainable packaging should still function as a "show carton" for the specialised trade and be able to show off its strengths on the shelf or in the presentation. The specialised trade does not have to do without this important feature. Because "flip covers" are being designed which, if required, turn the "sustainable" carton into a fully-fledged show carton. The special feature: For the first time, we can also address the consumer in the respective national language and thus completely individually. An important argument for the specialised trade.

A new product experience

One point that should not be neglected is the product experience. All new packaging solutions now open upwards. This means that the user not only experiences the product in a more special and more refined way when opening it for the first time, but the new packaging also shows its strength when presenting the product in specialist shops.

Putting it into practice

Here now are the four most important aspects in the daily handling of packaging and how the individual situations are improved by the new packaging design.

SISSEL CEO Jens Friebel und CFO Lars Friebel
SISSEL CEO Jens Friebel und CFO Lars Friebel

01 / Shelf presentation

The new packagings…

  • are easier to understand and more attractive because of the flip covers.
  • sell better because of the language-specific overlay.
  • look more appealing and modern on the shelf because of the new design.
  • have a higher recognition value.

02 / Customer advice

The new packagings…

  • offer better and more supportive informationwhen advising customers.
  • are more practical to use in customer talks.
  • evoke more positive associations (naturalness, sustainability).
  • emphasise the "natural effect" of the application more due to the natural cardboard.

SISSEL Re-Design
SISSEL Re-Design
SISSEL Re-Design
SISSEL Re-Design
SISSEL Re-Design

03 / Shipping

The new packagings…

  • simplify shipping considerably, as they do not require any additional outer packaging.
  • save additional packaging material.
  • save you money by eliminating the need for additional packaging material.
  • arouse positive associations in the receiving customer due to the sustainability and naturalness.

04 / Unboxing

The new packagings…

  • offer the customer a better product experience due to the "upward opening".
  • are more practical because they open upwards.
  • offer a more pleasant haptic experience due to the natural cardboard.
  • showcase the product better.

We hope to have convinced YOU of the new SISSEL® packaging concept.

Your SISSEL® team