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A new ancient idea

Pilates - an old idea newly interpreted the Swedish way


At the end of the 19th century, Joseph H. Pilates formed the principle “Everything is in flow, everything is a unity”. About 100 years later, a workshop takes place at the SISSEL INTERNATIONAL GROUP. The main topic is the question: “Does a fitness and health concept exist which complies with the SISSEL® philosophy?”. The answer was quickly found: PILATES.

The Pilates method and the SISSEL® philosophy form a perfect unity. Natural movements, high quality and optimal results flow harmonically into one another.

Today, SISSEL® Pilates stands for successful Pilates concepts and products for professional use in the fitness, therapy and wellness sector as well as home use. 

Which SISSEL Pilates are you?

The SISSEL Pilates Products: Whether Allegro training, studio training and mat work. Find your SISSEL Pilates workout with our little test.

THE SISSEL Pilates Test:
Will you have a targeted staff training? yes or no
if "Yes":
You are the classic "Pilates reformer-type." The most popular and versatile instrument from the Pilates workout series guarantees effective training.

Do you want to train in a group? yes or no
if "Yes":
You are the "Allegro-and Matwork-type". For you, the Allegro is the training and mat work in question. Work out with Allegro reformers or equipment in a group. Try what best suits you.